Andrea Jameson painting at Tourin


Andrea Jameson was born in Oslo in 1953. Her mother was Norwegian and her father was Irish. Her home has always been in County Waterford. 

After Newtown School, she went to study with the famous drawing teacher Signorina Simmi in Florence for one year, and then was a pupil of Maestro Giovanni Colacicchi. She moved to London and joined the City and Guilds School where she studied drawing, painting and sculpture. Solo exhibitions were held in Dublin at the Wellesley Ashe Gallery (1976), the Lad Lane Gallery (1981). In London at the Oliver Swann Gallery (1983) and in Dublin at the Gorry Gallery (1993). She also exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy Banquet Exhibition (1992), and  The Old Market House, Dungarvan (2007)”. 

Five Island Art Gallery, Tors Cove in Newfoundland in 2008, a joint exhibition with Margaret Best, held to illustrate the varied landscape of Ireland and Newfoundland .

The Moving Exhibition of Irish Gardens” is an ongoing series of exhibitions which features Irish gardens and Andrea has contributed to these each year.

From September 23rd The Irish Georgian Society are hosting “Stepping Through The Garden Gate: Inside Ireland`s Walled Gardens” an exhibition of walled gardens of Ireland and Andrea will show paintings from 7 gardens.

Andrea is featured in Patricia`s Butlers “Irish Botanical Illustrators and flower painters

Andrea Jameson comes from an Artistic family, her grandmother, Joan Jameson was a prominent member of the Dublin painters as was Joan`s cousin Evie Hone.